About Persicaria minor AKA Polygonum minus



Persicaria minor AKA Polygonum minus (kesum) is traditionally used to flavor soups and dishes. Its also consumed as salad or ‘ulam’. A popular ingredient in maintaining youth (awet muda), its other proposed benefit include aiding digestion, alleviating dandruff and as post-partum tonic.



What is BioKesum

BIOKESUM™ is a patented (PCT/MY2013/000033), standardized water extract of Persicaria minor AKA Polygonum minus (Kesum) with very high level of antioxidants properties and are a good source of natural antioxidants. It is:


  • Clinically proven to support brain health such as memory and cognition
  • A powerful antioxidant – high DPPH, ORAC and CAP-e values
  • Standardized on flavanoids: Quarcetin 3-glucoronide >0.4%, Quercitrin >0.1%
Learn More About Kesum & BioKesum™

The 'Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham recently visited Malaysia to learn more about the dubbed "Smart Weed" or Kesum.

Biotropics work closely with selected professionals within the industry and academic experts to provide high quality scientific validation on BIOKESUM™ Read more


BIOKESUM™ has was also recently nominated as one of the 'Most Innovative Halal F&B Product' during the Malaysia International Halal Showcase - the largest Halal event in the world.


BioKesum™ Composition

BIOKESUM™ is an aqueous extract according that is very high in anti-oxidant properties highly primed for cognition and memory. It is a premium ingredient standardized to quercetin-3-glucuronide and Quercitrin - markers for cognitive benefits.

Extract Specifications: