Corporate Social Responsibility
Engaging Local Community 

All of our ingredients are sourced from selected suppliers for optimum handling and consistency. Within the Supply Chain, a collaboration with local Aborigines (called ‘Orang Asli’) in Pahang, allows for around 500 Orang Asli from the village to earn a better living by collecting wild herbs from the jungle. In the case of Tongkat Ali, the root once processed, can fetch a higher price than raw unprocessed root on the market. On this notion, a post harvest facility was also set up within the village to accommodate the processing of collected Tongkat Ali roots by drying, grinding and packing to prepare for transport. This setting is a mutually beneficial eco-system as the Orang Asli will be able to supply the raw material at a higher value and benefit from a secure and steady demand while Biotropics will be able to obtain raw materials with consistent standards - crucial to the extraction and manufacturing of Physta®.

 Watch video PM Datuk Seri Najib Visit to Biotropics Tongkat Ali Facilities in Pahang, Malaysia.