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Physta is LJ100 in the US
(MAY 15, 2017)

 Physta® is a trademark of Biotropics Malaysia Berhad® and is also known as LJ100™ in the US, Distributed by HP Ingredients. For any inquiries related to the US and North America markets, please contact Annie Eng or Hame Persaud. They've got you covered!
Why is Malaysian Tongkat Ali Sought After?
(APR 17, 2017)

Cause its the best. While many sources of Tongkat Ali can be obtained from other South East Asian regions, the majority of the documented traditional use, extensive clinical trials conducted on the herb have always been Malaysian sourced Tongkat Ali. In the Astro Awani coverage, The National Herbal Development Council or 'Majlis Pembangunan Herba Negara' was approved by the Cabinet as part ...
Canton Fair Phase 3, May 1-5 2017, Guangzhou China
(APR 12, 2017)

 Biotropics - as part of the Malaysian company delegates will be participating in China's largest sourcing fair. Look for us at the International Pavillion (Malaysia) for authentic Malaysian products with great quality. For advance orders and enquiries - please contact See you there!
Biotropics and The National Institute of Science (ISN) Signs Collaborative MOU
(MAR 30, 2017)

Biotropics works closely with all government agencies - including The National Institute of Sports Malaysia, ISN to promote quality research and sports supplementation. The MOU signed in 2016 is set to 'apply current innovation to produce high quality health products involving clinical trials on athletes chosen by ISN in evaluating its safety and efficacy', Said Dr. Khairi. The Malay online ...
(MAR 03, 2017)

BIOTROPICS BIOKESUM AND MALAYSIA's KESUM OBTAINS LIMELIGHT IN FOXNEWS USA (February 26, 2017).    "Chris Kilham, the Medicine Hunter, talks to Dr. Manny about the health benefits of kesum. Traditionally the plant has earned the name “smart weed,” for its mind-sharpening effects. Topically, kesum has a future in the cosmetic sector. Recent investigation into the topical use of the extract shows that kesum ...
Meet Us At Vitafoods Asia 2016. Register Now.
(JUN 29, 2016)

Performance Ingredients Sales Team At Vitafoods Asia Exhibition 2016.  Come and explore Biotropics Malaysia Performance Ingredience (PI) Proprietary Scientifically Proven Herbal Extracts or seek our Product Innovation & Solution.  Grow your business, talk to our PI Team. Register your attendance today by clicking the banner below. Free admission. See you there!   Enter the register code wbbiotropics
(MAY 16, 2016)

Physta Tongkat Ali extract has been selected as the Industry Success Story in the Healthy Aging category at Vitafoods Europe Conference 2016.The award and selection by Vitafood also signifies the international recognition for Biotropics (owner and manufacturer of Physta) in our dedication and commitment in bringing quality clinically and scientifically proven Malaysian herbs to the world.    Sucess Story companies are ...
(FEB 24, 2016)

BERNAMA News - ... Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Malaysia's Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, visited Biotropics Malaysia Bhd, one of the anchor companies under the Agriculture, High-Value Herbal Products, National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), which conducts pre-clinical and clinical research on the product, Tongkat Ali. He said the government would always support the Tongkat Ali industry which is one of ...
(OCT 20, 2015)

Kesum : Food For Thought. Unravelling The Unknown Health Benefits of South East Asia Popular Herb.  Kesum or laksa leaf as it’s know in Malaysia ia a herb going by the scientific name of Polygonum minus Huds. The leaf is used as a flavouring ingredient in culinary dishes and also consume as an ulam (salad) for preventive healthcare among Malaysians, Indonesians, ...
(AUG 17, 2015)

STUDIES CONFIRMS BIOTROPICS LINEMINUSTM (KESUM) EXTRACT FOR COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS.  Biotropics proprietary 'kesum' (Polygonum minus) extract, LineMinusTM, latest clinical studies concluded supplementation of 250mg LineMinusTM extract per day for 6 weeks gave benefits of increase attention, improved short term memory, quality of life and mood, as well as IQ. The study was conducted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Management of Science Universiti Shah Alam on 35 healthy middle-aged women.    LineMinus™ is a patented ...
(JUN 11, 2015)

PRESS CONFERENCE : DR. SUN TAO COLLABORATION WITH BIOTROPICS   10 JUNE 2015, Biotropics Malaysia - A press conference took place in Biotropics Malaysia office introducing Phytsa® and Nu-Prep® LELAKI new scientific advisor and specialist, Dr. Sun Tao from China to local media and press, and informing on Dr. Sun's future research collaboration on Malaysia's King of Herbs, Tongkat Ali with Biotropics. Tongkat Ali is ...
EVENTS: Natural Products Expo West (March 6-9, 2015)
(MAR 04, 2015)

Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be taking part in Natural Products Expo West 2015. Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural and organic products tradeshow held every year in Anaheim, CA USA, with over 3000 exhibits from over 1,800 different companies showcasing the newest products in natural and specialty foods, organic, health and beauty, natural living, supplements and pet products. ...
EVENTS: in-cosmetics Asia 2014
(NOV 04, 2014)

 Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be exhibiting in in-cosmetics Asia 2014. Don't miss out on meeting us during this event — ask us about 'special pricing' for tradeshow visitors! Date               : November 4-6, 2014  Location          : BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand     Booth Stand     : E63 in-cosmetics Asia is the leading exhibition and conference in Asia where 400+ global ...
EVENTS : SupplySide West 2014
(OCT 08, 2014)

Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be exhibiting in SupplySide West 2014. Lock in your calander and come and meet us.  Date               : October 8-9, 2014  Location          : Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas   Booth Stand     : 16075 SupplySide West has been the world's largest trade show dedicated to CPG innovation and a healthier marketplace. Today the show offers ...
EVENTS: Health Ingredients Japan 2014
(OCT 08, 2014)

Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be attending Hi Japan to support our local partner, ASK Intercity Co., Ltd. Come and meet with us to know more about our best value-for-money extracts such as Tongkat Ali (Physta) for energy and vitality, Kesum Leaves (Lineminus) for anti-wrinkle & cognition, AVCO (activated virgin coconut oil with antimicrobial activity for acne & dandruff). Date       ...
Biotropics Launches New Product Concepts In Time For SupplySide West 2014
(SEP 26, 2014)

'Biotropics Malaysia Offers New Products, Research', September 2014, Natural Product Insider Report  Biotropics Malaysia Berhad released a series of new products, research studies and information on company endeavors, just in time for SupplySide West 2014 in Las Vegas. In the realm of functional foods and beverages, Biotropics has launched its Physta Coffee & Chocolate (Physta Indulgence), and Physta Fizzy sports drink formulation. For the anti-aging ...
Tongkat Ali Cures 1,000 Diseases
(AUG 08, 2014)

Malaysian Tongkat Ali research made into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) publication. Physta, Tongkat Ali extract is identified an ability to cure 1,000 disease. Full article as below:  
EVENTS : Vitafoods Asia (3-4 Sept 2014)
(JUN 23, 2014)

Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be exhibiting in Vitafoods Asia 2014. Lock in your calander and come and meet us.  Date               : September 3-4, 2014  Location          : AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong  Booth Stand     : 310   Vitafoods Asia is the leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements and functional food and drinks industries in Asia. ...
EVENTS: Vitafoods Europe (May 6-8 2014)
(APR 10, 2014)

Biotropics Performance Ingredients will be exhibiting in Vitafoods Europe 2014. Come and meet us.    Date          : May 6-8, 2014  Location   : Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland  Booth No. : 25074     Vitafoods Europe is the leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements and functional food and drinks industries. It's the key place to meet over 700 exhibiting companies, ...
New Research Concludes Phytsa And Lineminus Improves Sexual Performance
(MAR 26, 2014)

12 Jan 2014 – Another Research Article on Physta® and LineMinusTM has been accepted and  successfully published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal. This collaborated research between Biotropics and Medicus Research on  the ‘Effects of a Proprietary Freeze-Dried Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia (Physta) and Polygonum minus on Sexual Performance and Well-Being in Men’ concluded  supplementation for twelve weeks ...
Low Testosterone Affects More Than Sexual Dysfunction
(FEB 28, 2014)

 Johns Hopkins Health 2013 Summer Edition - A special report on testoterone and why its affects more than sexual dysfunction. 
EVENTS: Natural Products Expo West (March 7-9, 2014)
(FEB 14, 2014)

Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural and organic products tradeshow held every year in Anaheim, CA USA, with over 3000 exhibits from over 1,800 different companies showcasing the newest products in natural and specialty foods, organic, health and beauty, natural living, supplements and pet products. A trade show not to be missed. Biotropics will be taking part in ...
(FEB 05, 2014)

29 JAN 2014 - Biotropics SuperUlam research, published in the Complementary and Alternative Medical Journal, has made news in Engredea News & Analysis of SuperUlam is an anti-oxident supplement made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients aimed at supporting brain health.  SuperUlam has a neurostimulatory and neurocognitive performance enhancement effect, impacting various aspects of cognition and memory at different times between one ...
New Publication on Eurycoma longifolia accepted in Journal of Andrologia
(JAN 08, 2014)

6 JAN 2014 – New publication on ‘Phytoandrogenic Properties of Eurycoma Longifolia as Natural Alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy’ by Prof. Ralf Hankel and Annie George (Biotropics) has been accepted and published by the International Journal of Andrology. Result of the research showed Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) ability to restore serum testosterone levels, thus significantly improving sexual health. This includes significant positive ...
Physta (LJ100) Gains Self-affirmation GRAS Approval
(NOV 29, 2013)

Physta®, is also marketed in the US under the name LJ100. LJ100 recently has gained self-affirmation GRAS approval as reported in the Nutritional Outlook news (Nov 18th) and in Engredea (Oct 22nd). The self-affirmation GRAS status for the ingredient is an additional guarantee of our commitment to our customers on our quality assurance taken to ensure safety and efficacy of Physta®/LJ100.  Detailed report of the ...
SUPPLYSIDE WEST 2013 (NOV 14-15, 2013)
(NOV 12, 2013)

Gathering Ingredient Buyers and Sellers from Around the World - SupplySide West brings together the suppliers and buyers that drive the dietary supplement, food, beverage, animal nutrition, personal care and cosmetic marketplace. Key professionals and thought leaders from executive management, R&D, QA/QC and marketing teams will meet in Las Vegas November 12-16. Their goal? To explore ...
Tongkat Ali / PHYSTA Among Top Ten Supplements For Stress
(NOV 01, 2013)

According to the NewHope360 Website, the magazine Functional Ingredients listed Tongkat Ali/Physta®among the Top Ten Supplements for Stress! Head over to their website by clicking here and read all about it and also learn about Stress and Stress Management. 1. Magnolia Bark & Phellodendron Bark Relora brand, from Next Pharmaceuticals 2. Tongkat ali Physta brand from Biotropics AlivEL ...
(OCT 01, 2013)

 In his post, he reveals his top picks of hot plants which includes Tongkat Ali and an excellent write up on its benefits. Also watch his video -  Hunting for Natural Medicine: Malaysia’s True Aphrodisiac here & Natural Cures Pt. 2 – Tongkat Ali on Dr. Oz’s Show.
(AUG 29, 2013)

 The Cheonan International Well-being Food Expo 2013 aims to promote exchange between domestic and foreign health functional food industries with regards to the present situation of the world health food industries and outlook about their future, so as to strengthen cooperation and to expand the basis of export. Come meet us at Cheonan Samgeori Park, at the International Pavillion, exhibiting ...