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Tongkat Ali / PHYSTA Among Top Ten Supplements For Stress
(NOV 01, 2013)

According to the NewHope360 Website, the magazine Functional Ingredients listed Tongkat Ali/Physta®among the Top Ten Supplements for Stress! Head over to their website by clicking here and read all about it and also learn about Stress and Stress Management.

1. Magnolia Bark & Phellodendron Bark

  • Relora brand, from Next Pharmaceuticals

2. Tongkat ali

  • Physta brand from Biotropics
  • AlivEL 100 brand from SourceOne

3. Beta-Glucan

  • Wellmune brand from Biothera

 4. Asparagus

  • ETAS brand from AminoUp

 5. Ashwagandha Root

  • Essentra brand from Nutragenesis

6. Milk Peptide

  • Lactium brand from Pharmachem

7. Pine Bark

  • Enzogenol brand from Enzo
  • Pycnogenol brand from Horphag

8. Kanna

  • Zembrin brand from P.L. Thomas

9. Fenugreek Seed

  • Testofen brand from Gencor Pacific

10. Theanine

  •  Suntheanine brand from Taiyo