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New Publication on Eurycoma longifolia accepted in Journal of Andrologia
(JAN 08, 2014)

6 JAN 2014 – New publication on ‘Phytoandrogenic Properties of Eurycoma Longifolia as Natural Alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy’ by Prof. Ralf Hankel and Annie George (Biotropics) has been accepted and published by the International Journal of Andrology.

Result of the research showed Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) ability to restore serum testosterone levels, thus significantly improving sexual health. This includes significant positive effects on bone health and physical condition of patients. In addition, a significant antihyperglycaemic effect and cytotoxicity against PCas cells has been shown. Additionally no significant side effects of the treatment were obvious at therapeutic concentrations. Therefore, Tongkat Ali might be a safe alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy to treat testosterone deficiency syndrome.

 Full report: