About Eurycoma longifolia



Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) is Malaysia’s wonder plant for vitality and general energy – its potency is found mostly in the roots. Traditionally it has been consumed to increase overall energy, sexual health and boost metabolism. 




What is Physta®

Physta®, a proprietary 100% pure soluble Eurycoma longifolia roots extract standardized based on reliable marker compounds.

Physta® an extract from roots of Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) was jointly developed through collaborative works of the Malaysian Government and the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT using patented extraction technology (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491).

Physta® is a trademark of Biotropics Malaysia Berhad® and is also known as LJ100 in the US, Distributed by HP Ingredients.


Physta® is scientifically tested thus carries an extensive list of pre-clinical and clinical studies to ensure premium, performance and safety. see more

Physta® Composition

Physta®’s standardization is based on four characteristics compounds (Eurycomanone, total protein, total polysaccharide and glycosaponin) at specific levels to ensure consistency in terms of quality and purity.

Extract Specifications: